Enabling Effective Business Communication

[Communication – the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing or some other medium.]

For businesses there are a number of different streams of information exchange. Information can flow outwards from an organisation and equally information can be received from external sources in an inbound direction. The form of communication can be sub-divided into transactional and marketing categories, both of which play differentiated but equally vital roles within an organisation. The format, expediency, content and organisation of these different forms of communication can play a pivotal role in maintaining strong, sustainable relationships with customers and prospects.

At Neopost, we understand that effective delivery of communications and the maintenance of their ongoing supporting processes is key. Communication can mean different things to different organisations, varying responsibilities within the organisation itself, as well as to customers and prospects. Our modus operandi is to disseminate this understanding and to apply it to assist businesses achieve tangible business results and sustainable growth.

Alliance Partners

As a Neopost Alliance Partner, you are guaranteed the highest standards from your business relationship.
Not satisfied with simply providing a robust customer-supplier relationship, the Alliance Division strives for a true value proposition. It is our belief that by working closer with our Partners, we can create added value and bespoke business propositions, designed to meet your individual corporate objectives.

Value Proposition

Alliance Partners are served by our most experienced, senior Business Managers. Fully versed, in the variety of business challenges major organisations face from a communications standpoint, we are at your service to deliver value and best practice at all times. At Neopost we firmly believe in close, mutually beneficial relationships that deliver sustainable value over the long term.

Our Alliance Business Managers can create unique business propositions, to help your internal processes and maximise customer engagement, according to your organisational objectives.

Functional Areas

Communications form a central role within all organisations, however, such a broad topic has different forms and implications for various roles within typical organisations.

Business Challenges

At an organisational level there are multiple challenges businesses face, with regard to the effective delivery and receipt of communications and associated document management requirements.

Industry Sectors

With over 90 years of business experience and with a UK customer base of over 60,000 customers Neopost has gained considerable insight into the various challenges of multiple industry sectors.