Functional Areas

Communications form a central role within all organisations, however, such a broad topic has different forms and implications for various roles within typical organisations.

At Neopost we work throughout our enterprise customers, in order to understand the needs and challenges different roles face within the communications environment.

Whether concerning internal or external document and communications management or transactional versus marketing communications, Neopost’s expertise in enabling effective business communications helps add real, sustainable value to organisational processes.


In line with Invest to Save principles and governmental direction,digital transformation should be high on the agenda for finance departments. Considering process improvement alongside more effective delivery significant sustainable cost savings can be realised and monetised.

By careful consideration of organisation wide impacts, highly attractive ROI and short payback periods can be gained. The migration of transactions to digital media can also deliver further financial savings.

Bentley Accounts Payable Case Study

Governance and Compliance

Recent events, such as the global financial melt down, scandals around data security and PPI mis-selling, Euro Zone uncertainty and the UK’s potential withdrawal from the EU, businesses need to be ready to navigate the complex minefield of regulatory compliance. Vendor solutions must be agile and offer low risk evolution if potentially huge migration costs and/or fines are to be avoided.

Compliance White Paper

Human Resources

For human resources it is imperative that internal data is treated with the same duty of care as external data, relating to customers and other stakeholders.

Migrating to digital solutions, around personnel records and documents can provide enormous benefit in ensuring compliance with data protection legislation.

Access to employee information and further benefits around the storage of documents can also be implemented using digital technologies.

HR Solutions

Information Technology

Many organisations are faced with challenges around data and legacy system infrastructures. Often businesses hold significant volumes of data, across multiple business systems, which can prove challenging to access, consolidate and utilise.

In order to deploy best practise, businesses need to take a more holistic view around data quality and management in order to unlock the value contained within multiple data streams.

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and communications were historically driven by creative and design. Today the climate is such that far more considerations need to be addressed, typically in line with maintaining tangible ROI.

The benefits for marketing and communications teams, presented by digital transformation, take into account ROI but also facilitate more data driven activity and enhanced reach, through the use of multi-channel delivery.


Operations and facilities teams are measured by operational efficiencies and effective production. Further process improvements described in the Digital Migration Hub offer a sustainable platform to introduce further efficiencies.

Additional assistance can be provided by improved management reporting and robust data management technologies.

Automation From DCS


The benefits to procurement teams may not be instantly obvious. However, they are there to be realised. Digital migration are high on the political agenda and, invariably, procurement teams will need to demonstrate their role in enabling this migration. Beyond this, digital communications solutions enable new procurement methods, including SaaS and ‘click based’ usage.

Such evolution of methods can deliver positively to cash flow and financial performance. From a process perspective, digital transformation also allows closer and more accurate management of supplier invoices and other financial transactions.