Industry Sectors

With over 90 years of business experience and with a UK customer base of over 60,000 customers Neopost has gained considerable insight into the various challenges of multiple industry sectors.

Our experience allows us to take benefit from working across sectors, in order to deploy practical solutions to requirements presented by key industries and service organisations.

We work closely with our Alliance Partner customers, in order to meet business requirements, utilising our cross-sector knowledge to deliver best practise at all times.


The global banking crisis has placed an increasing spotlight on the banking sector. Customers have been left with reduced levels of trust and banks facing greater challenges, with regard to legislation, transparency and compliance. With an ongoing requirement to introduce new financial products and services in a more expeditious manner, with far greater emphasis on innovation, banks need to be increasingly streamlined in their approach. Sector research and insight dictates that banks should look to deliver more relevant and personalised information to their customers, in the variety of formats that they demand.

Although traditional paper based communications are still trusted by customers, in an increasingly digital age and today’s ‘always online’ culture, more contemporary digital delivery is also required. Neopost technologies can assist multi-channel delivery, reaching customers wherever they may be and also regardless of the device access.

Banking Industry Overview

Business Services

Within the Business Services environment communications can play a vital role. Whether on an internal organisational basis, or in delivering to customers directly or as part of a managed services proposition, Neopost can provide infrastructure assistance.

Often the requirements of marketing and transactional communications are managed separately within service organisations, with varying priorities and objectives. Our experience across the wider services sector, in both spheres, allows us to assist at a cross-enterprise level, whilst maintaining focus on the constituent requirements.

Facilities Management

The Facilities Management sector provides vital, business critical services across multiple industry sectors. Document management and mail delivery are often core aspects of the services proposition.

Neopost holds long term experience in supporting the sector, in delivering effective and cost effective solutions to its customers.

With regard to the provision of traditional hardware, Neopost can support activities with leading edge technology, backed up by the industry’s leading post sale and account management infrastructure.

To provide effective BPO and managed services to customers, a provider needs access to accurate and timely management information. The provision of such support is intrinsic to our sector proposition.

In addition to this support, we also adopt a true partnership approach. We share our knowledge, experience and insight in order to provide understanding on market trends. This best practise proposition allows us to work closely with our FM customers, to assist building outbound customer propositions in order to support your own customer facing activities.

In working with Neopost you can access some of the industry’s most experiences Business Managers, dedicated to adding value to your own business relationships. From traditional mail to document composition and management, all the way to digital communications migration, data management services and Customer Communication Management Neopost is your partner of choice.

The UK Printing Industry – Future Focus Service Providers Overview

Hotels and Leisure

For organisations involved in the leisure sector, the delivery of communications covers both transactional and marketing requirements.

When maintaining engagement with members, an effective data driven communications strategy can provide significant value, across paper based and digital delivery requirements.

For large, multi site organisations, taking a holistic view of investment decisions across hardware assets can pay tremendous dividends. Neopost’s experience in this area can provide you with the platform to make informed and cost effective procurement decisions, whilst ensuring a first class support and post procurement relationship with the industry’s leading supply partner.


The face of the insurance sector is changing significantly, consumers have greater accessibility and demands in how they wish to receive services, as well as how they evaluate and select new products and services. With a myriad of products, services and propositions available to insurance customers, Neopost technologies allow seamless, preference based delivery of complex personalised communications. This delivery is regardless of mass communication or whether a highly personal, individual document is required. Communications are also capable of being delivered, through physical means or via digital technologies. Both forms of output can also be managed without the replacement of existing legacy systems.

Insurance Industry Overview


Within the retail environment, creating and maintaining ongoing engagement with customers is paramount. The complexity of communicating to large audiences can be greatly benefitted by deploying enterprise wide automation technologies.

In addition, within an increasingly digital environment individual customers often have preferences for engagement in both digital and paper based media. Neopost technologies encompass market leading Customer Communication Management capabilities, designed to use real time insight in order to deliver efficiently using preferred channels.

Data and its management also becomes increasingly vital when deploying effectively and, again, Neopost technologies can utilise technologies to deliver effectively, whilst maintaining information governance and providing insight capable of contributing towards fraud prevention and identity controls.

Utilities and Telecoms

With the rise in online comparison websites, consumers can easily access the best tariffs available from all providers. The ability to switch providers is now easier and faster than ever before, presenting both challenges and opportunities to the sector, particularly with regard to customer retention and acquisition. The efficient delivery of communications and a focus on speed of response and streamlined processes, can all have an effect on the customer journey, for both retention and onboarding of new customers. An effective customer communication strategy can prove invaluable, when managing the customer journey and engagement process. Neopost’s customer communication platform is ideally placed to deliver exceptional value, whilst integrating seamlessly with existing legacy systems.